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The only thing that'll ever stop you from building + scaling a business of your dreams? YOU. 


Your business has a SERIOUS potential. But it isn't scaling as quickly as you want.

"I thought your business was already doing X figures" probably doesn't even sound like a compliment anymore... Even though it's well meaning and all, it's something you hear ALL the time-- and you have no idea why.

You know there is potential to grow 2 or 3 times more than your current monthly earnings and your current audience size. You know you have the expertise, drive and the talent to take you all the way to the top of the industry. But there are so many little voices in the back of your head interrogating you with questions, doubts etc.

The biggest voices being the questions, "how do I scale and monetize my way to the next level of business? What do I need to do to SERIOUSLY take off?". 

And if that's you... Make yourself at home :) 

"You're an absolute light Em. I'm forever blessed that you've allowed me in your life. The world needs more of you and so do I. I'm always glowing after our talks"

Thomas Fraser
Serial Entrepreneur

Hi, I'm Em!

I'm a business strategist for influencers and experts looking to monetize and scale their audience through digital marketing and passive income. My work has been featured on major media outlets such as Forbes and Entrepreneur. 

As a former corporate sales + business development consultant for Fortune 500 companies, major corporations, I helped to grow and scale businesses for the last ten years in various sectors-- hospitality, finances, entertainment, and e-learning.

I've raised millions of dollars in investor funds for the companies that I worked for and personally was able to scale my own companies past multi 6-7 figure mark in a record-breaking time.

Long story short. Monetizing and scaling a business (especially if you have a solid audience base already) is EXACTLY in my realm. 


Get a taste of working with me as your strategic partner.

(And no, you don't need to pay me anything either. You're welcome!)


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