Ready to take your success story as a CEO to the next level? You're at the right place.

You've been killing it! And you’ve got your own online business that is on the rise.

But you don’t have that “Momma I made it” feeling (very often, at least).

You know there is potential to grow 2 or 3 times more than your current monthly earnings. But there’s this little voice in the back of your head interrogating you with questions.

Where do I go from here? I worked so hard, what if I fail? Where do I even start to get to those next few levels?

You’ve already experienced success in every aspect of your life including academics, family, corporate work..  And some wins in your business too. 

But it's time to take it up a notch in every single way with someone who's been there and done that. 

Your Genius + Mine = World Domination

I mean, being the top choice in your industry and REALLY scaling your business.

Ditch The Shiny Objects- The MasterMind

For high performers who want to scale their business and impact over the next 6-12 months… with ease and laser focus.

The all-inclusive program, covering new topics as well as granting access to every program run in the past 


Scale to 250K- The Feminine Way


Scale to 250k The Feminine Way. Learn how the three pillars to scale your online business use both your masculine and feminine energy.

4 recorded sessions including a Q&A, picking Em's brain.


Secure The Bag

Learn to create and brand your coaching packages to attract high ticket sales. Gaining the ability to translate that value to potential clients.

You'll get a full workshop as well as a fillable worksheet to help you attain the most possible clarity.


Zero to CEO Society

A self-study program for CEO's that are trying to scale to 6 figure mark.

A vault full of exclusive trainings and monthly guest trainings, backed by my 10 years of experience... This program will become (and stay as) your favorite secret weapon. 


Feminine Copy That Sells

A program for CEOs that are looking to create content to convert their warm audience and get their foot in the door with their cold audience with ease.


The Coach Funnel


A self-study, 4-month program, designed to help you sell your coaching programs and digital products on autopilot.


Mindset of a Mentor

A self-study program for CEO's that are looking to build, launch and sell a course within just 6 weeks. We cover the enrolment strategy, course outline building, tech... Everything that you need to sell out your course even without $5000 a day ad budget. 


Sold Out Course Building Program

A rapid program, getting your course built and selling in 8 weeks or less. Selling out without a list of 50K+ subscribers, and without a cent of paid ads.


Roadmap to 100K

Providing to you the blueprint, eliminating thousands of hours of you'd spend DIY-ing that you can now spend making money. Getting you to the 6 figure mark!


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