A Three or Twelve Month Mastermind

For high performers who want to scale their business and impact in the next 3-12 months… with ease and laser focus.

Courses, memberships, group programs, retreats, ted talks, books, magazine features, 6-figures months, podcasts…. I could go on and on about the things we want to create, the milestones we want to hit in our businesses. 

We built our personal brand to build a business around us, our values, and our passions. 

Getting interviewed on TV, featured in a big magazine, or hitting a millie with our signature offer is like receiving a grammy in our field of work. 

These are the things we are proud of. The things we work hard for. The recognition that our work matter.

However…it can get overwhelming.


We both know that doing everything all at once is not helping get anything done, and we struggle knowing what should we focus on.

So we buy all the courses calling our names, coaches who hit our desired goals and income, watch the webinars about the secret to XYZ to find out they’re only long sales pitches, buy the program they sell to realize that we have just dropped thousands into something that brought little to none value.

We progress towards our goals, we hit some of them, but we feel constantly overwhelmed and unorganized. We are still seeking that ONE program, that ONE course, that ONE coach who is going to break the code and allowed us to step into the million dollar lifestyle and impact we so crave to reach.

That’s you, right

My name is Em Ducharme, I’m a business scaling Doctor, and I just diagnosed you with the shiny object syndrome.

Now you’re asking…Doctor Em, is there a cure????


If You Want to…. 

Hit multiple 6 figures years 

Create funnels that generates passive income every month 

See your audience grow and convert effortlessly

Have 6 figures month without complicated launches

Get invited for speaking engagements and big name medias 

Have people begging to interview or feature you

Learn how to use neuromarketing to make your sales copy converting immediately

Continuing to feel passionate about what you do, without the exhaustion and overwhelm

Work less hours and generate more income


Complicated operations and systems 

Needing to hire expert help or having a big team and high expenses eating up your profit margins

Losing sleep over your never ending to do list

Working against your human design blueprint

Constantly needing to be on social media 

Having 9 hours of client calls a day to hit your income goals

Flopping your launches

Needing to constantly be in your masculine (do do do)

Then there is a cure, and the cure is called #DitchTheShinyObjects — The Mastermind

One thing I’ve noticed a lot online and in business coaching programs, was the high percentage of misdiagnosis. 

“You need to have a Facebook group/podcast/clubhouse/big following/etc to succeed”

“You need to look busy, don’t respond quickly to potential clients”

“You need to look perfect on the internet”

“You need to borrow a private jet for your pictures”

“You need to charge 10x more so that you only need ONE client for you income goal, easy!”

“You need to be on every platform”

“You need to delete your posts that didn’t get engagement so people don’t see it”

“You need to not speak your truth because some people will not like it”

“You need to take a loan to hire a high level coach even if you are still not clear on where you’re headed”

I could go on and on about the misdiagnosis I’ve had my clients receive before they came to me.

But the truth is most of the time different.

And my truth is:

In most cases, less is more. 

Authenticity and integrity are key values.

When my gut says no, it’s no.

Overdelivering is always a better idea than overpromising. 

Being in my feminine allows me to receive what my masculine initiated.

You can be successful even if you don’t feel ready, perfect, or productive.

You flaws makes you beautiful. 

You are worthy.

And in #DitchTheShinyObjects — The Mastermind I vow to make it really easy for you.

To scale your business to half a million a year.

To make you embody your power, flaws and all.

To remind you of your gifts, and to be unapologetic. 

To integrate strategy to your flow.

To help you have your business scale with such ease, you will never feel stressed or tired about it again.

To teach you how to scale your business in ways that makes sense to YOU and not to people you’ve compared yourself with

To guide you to your magic, so you can be the boss of a digital empire you will be incredibly proud of

And to introduce you to some of the most precious pieces of my high level network by bringing them on as guest experts.


What would you feel if I offered you almost $60,000 of business coaching for a fraction of the price? Because here is what you will receive in the mastermind once you join:

Monthly Guest Expert Live Trainings

($3,000 value/month)

Every month I will bring a guest expert that is going to transform the way you do business, forever. These experts are either business partners or ex mentors of mine, that are going to bring the biggest value on topics that I am not the expert in. I have personally chosen the topics I have used to scale my business and found the perfect people to help you gain that knowledge as well. Prepare to be amazed!

2 Group Coaching Calls Per Month

($4,000 value/month)

Whether you need laser coaching, help with your strategy, are working on removing a mindset block… No topic is going to be off-limits on our bi-weekly calls. This is going to be the perfect opportunity for you to learn from me, and your mastermind peers, because I believe that community over competition creates the best end results. Along with that, monthly SOPs training with Team Em to learn the best systems for your business.

3-12 Months Group Voxer Access

($1000 value/month)

Share your wins, concerns, ask questions, or come in to shift your energy… The conversation does not end once the Zoom meeting is over, because we’re going to have a fun Voxer group chat so we can continue encouraging each other and help each other daily.

Who Else You'll be Learning From

Christine Hayes

Identity Training Exclusive

Shiva Kay

Preparing for Your Brand Photoshoot

Deasha Waddup

Making Sales within Your Facebook Group

Christine Rivest

Having more YES and RESULTS with human behaviour

Rachel Spencer

High Cash Launches without Ads

Sonya Highfield

Wealth Mindset & Energetics

Polly Brown

How to grow your business with regular, recurring publicity

Austin Renee

Next Level Emotional Intelligence

Shannon Dunn

Unlock Your Effortless Success Zone & Activate Amplified Thriving

Melissa Buffington

Psychic Development - Your Superpower in Business

Dajia Bergeron

Interviewing 101

Clair Kim

Media Feature Hotseat

Desislava Dobreva

Reclaiming your power & building a stable business

Tahsha Renee

Women's Sacred Rage

Kristen Stuart

Divine Feminine Rising

Jaclyn Shaw

Mastering the Art of Detachment

Cathryn Mora

How to write a book to raise your profile & prices

Kate Decker

Cultivating + Following Your Intuition Unapologetically

But wait! There’s more! While you’re a part of the mastermind, you’ll receive access to:

Access to Every Past and Future Program That Em Runs Live


Gain access to EVERY past paid event that Em has ran. On top of that, also gain access to one new program every month! Being able to dive into Em's brain regarding all topics.

Beauty & Brains

($2222 value) 

A leadership, Emotional Intelligence, and Spirituality live container that will help you manifest the life of your dreams and get absolutely everything you want

Rich & Feminine 

($3333 value) 

Em’s signature mastermind on Feminine and Masculine energetics

The ThunderMind

($2222 value) 

An intensive business only mastermind custom created for the people who joins

Sold Out Course Building

($2500 value) 

Learn how to create and launch online courses to generate passive income

Roadmap to 100K

($1222 value) 

Em’s High Ticket Coaching famous course

Mindset of a Mentor

($222 value) 

An audio course on emotional intelligence and mentorship

The Coach Funnel

($3333 value) 

Passive income is Em’s favourite income! Learn how to automate yours in various ways with funnels

Zero to CEO Vault

($497 value) 

A library filled with trainings all around Em’s framework: Inner Game, Creation, Monetization, and Scaling

Feminine Copy that Sells

($777 value) 

Em’s copywriting course so your content can attract people and you’ll never need to DM someone again

Access to the Exclusive DTSO Member's Trello Board


Gain access to valuable resources, templates, guides, and ready to deploy systems! Our team will be happy to help you utilize and apply the DTSO Member's Board to your business.

Total value: +$15,000/month 

Your investment? A fraction of that

(Payment plans available)

I love helping entrepreneur scale to half a millie! You’re going to be a good fit if: 

✶ You’re an entrepreneur who made at least 100k in revenue in 2021 

✶ Your focus in 2022 is truly to create solid systems, hire the perfect team, scale your business, add multiple income streams and become a high performer who balances feminine and masculine with ease

✶ The reason you’ve started your business is to create an impact in the world, and not to solely profit from it 

✶ You value diversity, equity, and inclusion, and you support the members of under-represented communities

But I know I am not for everyone. It’s best you don’t apply if: 

✶ Scaling is not your priority for now, you’re perfectly fine where you are and you’re not looking to create more revenue in 2022

✶ You don’t believe in BLM and in LGBTQ rights (and similar causes)

✶ You’re the type of person who commits to shiny objects and you’re not willing to show up to fix it 

✶ You don’t have a sense of humour and you get offended easily 

✶ You aren't ready to invest in yourself

Who is Em?

I’m Em Ducharme, and if my name rings a bell.. You might have heard from me before. 

I’ve been an entrepreneur since I was 20 (I am 32 now — I know I still look 20, and if you message me, I’ll let you know what’s my anti aging secret ;) ) 

I am a Specific Manifestor (Human Design blueprint), a speaker and writer, a full on Virgo, a book worm, a high performing empath, and my gift is to see potential into people ideas and turn them into digital empires.

Here’s a lit of the things I’ve done that I am super proud of:

Grew up in a French only small village in the middle of almost North Pole, and self-taught myself English

Moved 8 hours away from my family at 15 because I was impatient to become an adult

Owned restaurants in bar before 21 years old

Sold everything I had at 22 after my mother, lover, and best friend passed away in the same month

Took a one way ticket for Italy, came back to Canada 43 countries later

Landed contract with movie productions, large investment firms, publicly traded company, and famous startups (Which taught me everything I know about building solid businesses with a startup mindset)

Been featured in a lot of magazines and medias that I adore like Forbes, Entrepreneur, The Todays show - as well as interviewed on a lot of podcast (search my name in Spotify if you want to listen to some of them!) 

Helped many clients hit 6 figures, multi 6 figures, 7 figures, and multi 7 figures in sales in the online industry 

Kept my positivity, sense of humor, and passion for life through a lot challenges

Learned to unconditionally love myself and finally live my truth at age 30

The list could go on, and the stories behind the milestones are all extraordinary. 

I believe I was put on this earth to make woman wealthy, empowered, happy, confident, and to make people laugh...because that’s what I love and do best.

Have a question that wasn't answered? Please contact Em’s team [email protected] with your question or DM Em on Insta