Did you know that you can bring more value as well as a very profitable income stream to your business by starting a membership?

A MEMBERSHIP can easily add 6, multiple 6 and even 7 figures to your revenue without demanding too much of your time. On top of that, your business grows along with your client. Being able to create a paid community that shares the same value as you will help you be in the energy of people that aligns with your mission. Everybody wins with a membership!


This course is perfect for you if you want more time to focus on other projects without neglecting the quality of your work. Creating a membership that feels right puts you in a position to change many people's lives while also improving yours. 


A membership means putting your experience and creativity to good use and impacting a lot of people's lives all at once, it is compounding your knowledge and energy into a subscription model that can change your business forever. (and we mean: make it so easy, you'll want to have multiple memberships by the end of this course ;) 


This will bring your business to the next level.

This will bring you into an overflow.


NOW... You know that a MEMBERSHIP can change your life.
But where do you start?


There are so many details to learn! But you don't have to go in blind.

Sure, you can go on Google to search for the HOWs of it all. You can even go on YouTube for tutorials or ask "membership experts" on Facebook or LinkedIn... but a lot of them might just be generic answers to such specific questions. You will need more than outdated answers if you want to turn your digital assets into investment income.


Not knowing your first steps might discourage you and make you think how you don’t have the time to do a membership, don’t have the money to start it, or maybe make you think you can’t do it because you are not tech savvy.


But, don't you worry. You don't need to pave your own way or beat your own path. Em will teach you about time management and effectiveness. You will learn all about systems and receive BONUS Templates in the course. Once you get the ball rolling, the income you’ll make is infinite– the return on your investment with memberships has NO CAP!

The Building MEMBERSHIPS Course will help you remove any doubt you may have about starting one.

Em's Building MEMBERSHIPS Course is based on proven and tested methods.

Everything you need to know, every step you need to take is here. Em has experienced the nitty-gritty details of building successful memberships and now she will teach you how to create yours. Get ready to have a new semi-active income stream that will change your business as you know it! You DON’T need to add a full-time job to your agenda if you desire more money, you just need a membership that aligns.


Em will not only teach you the SYSTEMS and STRATEGY, but also the MINDSET and ENERGETICS to connect it all 


You will enjoy this course if you don’t know how to manage a membership effectively and have no idea what systems to put in place. You will learn how to retain your members and keep getting new ones! This course will help you get into momentum and fill the membership.

If you want to do something fulfilling while also taking your business to a whole new level, then MEMBERSHIPS is for you.

There will be a point in your life where you will feel like you've either reached the limit of business growth or you've simply hit a block and you need to pick up the momentum. Either way, you can surpass your expectations and inspire yourself to a new cause by building a membership. You can further grow your monthly recurring income and break the limits in more ways than one!

You get to break the limit you’ve set for your business.

You get to break the limit you’ve set for yourself. You may think that you don’t know enough to continually add stuff to a membership, but the beauty of it is that you get to continuously learn… You will eventually become an expert in so many things!

You get to break the limit you’ve set to your reach. Your membership will help you build your network. People who align with you and people who need you will find you. People who love being in your energy will find you and you will find people who would love to hear about your other programs/services.

You can add additional stable income to your business while also changing people's lives for the better. The best part is that it will not take too much of your time. You can still enjoy yourself while working in your zone of genius.

Em will be sharing her expertise in strategies, implementation, marketing, retaining, scaling, and more!

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Introducing: Building MEMBERSHIPS

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Building MEMBERSHIPS Course

Learn how to successfully create memberships in SIX intensive modules. 

Not only will you be creating something that can change people's lives, but you will also be creating a community that will evolve with you AND your business.


Building MEMBERSHIPS is just not your typical course...

  • It is a blueprint. You will have lifetime access to a proven and tested blueprint for successfully creating Memberships. Because you probably will be inspired to turn multiple of your digital assets into money making subscriptions!
  • It is a straightforward guide. There's no fluff in this course. You will learn the steps and you will learn what matters from the steps to the implementations. Em will teach you everything she's learned from having a successful membership in the past 4 years with 100 of members, so you can fast track your success without the long learning curve. Team Em will be in your corner to teach how to keep your members happy, and the behind the scenes organized. Nothing is left behind in this course!


Everything in this course will help you:

  • Move quickly so that you can build new memberships and start enrolling members immediately with Em's founding members strategy!
  • Make a huge impact on as many dream clients as you want, but without you having to spend thousands of hours in the process 
  • Learn how to retain members, as well as scale the membership concept so that you can maintain it with less than a couple of hour of work per month 
  • Launch, grow, and have members continually joining your membership without lots of active effort required


It's about cutting away the years of work or going through program after program etc. and not seeing any results.

And that looks like:

  • More clients / customers / subscribers / fans: You finally have something that you can bring to your audience as an offer… And impact their lives and your life too.
  • More time: You no longer need to spend tens of hours on a weekly basis on client searches, or thousands of hours looking at how other people are doing it, as this program will tell you EXACTLY what to do.
  • Less heartache: No more spending thousands of hours spinning your wheels, only to have a negative bank balance. You are not a hamster. We both know you have value to offer, and Em will show you how to make it visible to others!
  • More opportunities: Imagine being in a networking event and saying “I also helped clients do XYZ”... Nothing proves “I know my shit” like a client wins. Talk about a credibility booster, right?

What will be covered over the 6 sessions?


You need a clear view of your vision before you can successfully create a membership. This module will help you:

  • Create your membership vision and development phases.
  • Create your ideal client avatars / niche talks.
  • Choose your membership model.
  • Choose a name, tagline, and concept for your membership.
  • Create a framework.
  • And more 


A solid system will help you manage your memberships and maintain the peace behind the scenes. In this module, we will discuss how to:

  • Create the right system for your membership to make sure the behind the scene is organized and clean
  • Use Kajabi for building your membership.
  • Delegate tasks.
  • Use a CRM to manage your client details.
  • Create a promotional calendar.
  • Create and manage a community.
  • And more 


Your content is what will attract the people who align with the vision of your membership. This module will help you:

  • Creating the content to deliver
  • Choose your guest experts.
  • Edit videos to keep members engaged and implementing the work
  • Choose what to include in your show notes.
  • Create graphics for the memberships
  • Generate transcripts 
  • Create assignments.
  • And more 


Of course, people need to know about your membership before they can join. In this module, you will learn how to:

  • Do LIVE launches and enroll tons of people at once.
  • Determine your pricing and pricing ladder.
  • Create bonuses to offer.
  • Create a converting sales page.
  • Create EVERGREEN launches.
  • Do flash sales for cash injections.
  • And more


The beauty of memberships is having a community. But with this wonderful perk comes responsibilities. This module will teach you how to:

  • Keep people engaged and interested in other offers you promote.
  • Down sell and upsell.
  • Hire co-coaches, accountability coaches, and support 


A membership doesn't stop once you have members. It will continue to add to your income long after its launch. This module will help you:

  • Create your funnels to keep selling your membership.
  • Create an email sequence.
  • Create ads / generate  traffic.

You will also get BONUS access to Alternative Marketing and receive BONUS templates. You will also get 3 FREE months of The Energetic Empires, my 333 a month membership if you decide to Pay in Full (That gives you unlimited access to 10 000 in value for three months)!

This all looks GREAT, Sign me up!



Pay in Full

  • Access to 6 intensive training modules
  • Lifetime access to the recording
  • BONUS content
  • BONUS templates
  • THREE MONTHS access to my membership The Energetic Empires 



Over 6 Months

  • Access to 6 intensive training modules
  • Lifetime access to the recording
  • BONUS content
  • BONUS templates



Over 12 Months

  • Access to 6 intensive training modules
  • Lifetime access to the recording
  • BONUS content
  • BONUS templates

Frequently Asked Questions

Jen G

Em is the bomb!! She truly knows marketing and scaling and has helped me tremendously in the 1st month of working with her!

From the speediness of her responses to the quality of her guidance, I can’t say enough. I’ve worked with high level coaches and spent a pretty penny, and I’ll be honest, Em is bringing more to the table in a shorter period of time!!!!

So, thank you Em for what you bring and your eagerness to see me succeed!

- Jen Gagnon

Working with Em has been even more amazing than I imagined. I have invested in thousands of coachers, mentors, seminars, workshops, and masterminds (to name a few) and Em and her containers are just different than others.

When I came across DTSO and Em specifically, it stood out to me because she really focuses on combining energetics with successful business practices to help you scale in a feminine and flowy way. She successfully created an empowering space for entrepreneurs to step into their greatness without being bombarded with things we think we need to do to be successful. I was attracted to the fact that she shows you that scaling can be easy, feminine, and she is able to curtail her methods in a way that works for everyone differently.

If you're thinking about working with Em, take my word for it. She is a one-of-a-kind person and coach and you will not regret working with her. I have completely transformed and I know this is just the beginning for me. I cannot get enough of her energy and her containers!

- Courtney Meadows

Jen G
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Hi, I'm Em! 

I'm a business strategist for influencers and experts looking to monetize and scale their audience through digital marketing and passive income. My work has been featured on major media outlets such as Today Show, Forbes and Entrepreneur. 

As a former corporate sales + business development consultant for Fortune 500 companies, major corporations, I helped to grow and scale businesses for the last ten years in various sectors-- hospitality, finances, entertainment, and e-learning.

I've raised millions of dollars in investor funds for the companies that I worked for and personally was able to scale my own companies past multi 6-7 figure mark in a record-breaking time.

Long story short: monetizing and scaling a business (especially if you have a solid audience base already) is EXACTLY in my realm. 

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Disclaimer: As all Entrepreneurs understand, creating any products or services including a course does not guarantee any income. Work is required to create, build, launch and market your business and even hard work doesn’t guarantee earnings of anything.

As much as I believe and stand by my program, Memberships, I know that my results and the results of my clients are not guaranteed. I have news for you nothing in life is guaranteed. If you are looking for guaranteed income or a way to get rich quickly working with me, taking my courses or attending my workshops isn’t for you.