You didn’t start your online business to just ‘get by’, month after month…

Am I right?

You’re putting in the time, the effort, and you feel like you do what it takes. Why is it that everyone is so much more successful than you then?

HAVE YOU ever built up an offer that for you seemed like it was a no brainer, but when you promoted it on your social media, literally no one bought?

HAVE YOU ever felt crushed after hearing no on a sales call, wondering if you’ll ever hear yes at all?

MAYBE you’re still in your 9-5 job but you’re afraid to quit because your online business is not yet generating consistent month and you’re scared if you jump you’ll shoot yourself in the foot.

MAYBE you’ve decided to do that jump but even if you’re paying necessities from it, you’re way far out from flying first class like those influencers you’re following on the gram.

If you feel like this is you,

then it soon won’t be anymore.

The fastest way to get to that thriving business you’re proud of?

I have the recipe, and I’m laying it here for you.

Introducing my EMD Framework.


And Zero to CEO Society has you covered on all areas.



How do you go from Zero to CEO? It starts within you. In the trainings of Zero to CEO you not only will learn how to build your online business, but also learn how to build a successful entrepreneur within you. With tons of trainings regarding mindset, productivity, and performance - your inner game will be bulletproof.


Positioning yourself as a go-to authority is one of the most important things you can do for your business. We will combine efforts to make sure you have an authentic personal brand and amazing offers to sell your product or service. To sell to a client you must have a no-brainer offer to promote. We got you covered.


No matter how brilliant your products and services are, if you have no idea how to market or sell it... Or how to build a hardcore fan base of clients... Your bank account will suffer. Steal some of my top marketing + sales strategies I've picked up over 10 years as an entrepreneur.


How to make sure all your work pays off in an on-going basis? Scaling. Whether it's on automating, delegating, or just taking your business to the next figure mark... Let's set your business up in an infinitely scaleable way.


Elena Brooking

"Em is amazing! She not only is a superb coach, she is approachable and friendly and made me feel like I was her friend! Her guidance in "Zero to CEO" has been valuable in so many way, it has helped me make quick decisions without overthinking my next step in my business and it has given me the confidence to step it up and be the CEO of my own business without feeling stuck in a spin. Will never stop recommending her!!"

Yuliya Konstantini

"As one of the founding members of Zero to CEO society, I couldn’t be happier with my investment. Not only do we get a volt of top notch business recourses and tools, as well as a community of highly driven individuals to keep us motivated and on track. The best part is access to high level business coaching by Em, who has a PROVEN record of making businesses soar. When (not if) you hit a roadblock in your journey to business success, be it inner game, strategy, execution, or COVID, she will be right there to provide paramount guidance to keep you in the saddle."


So, what is Zero to CEO Society?

  • It’s monthly workshops with Em, on topics that YOU requested! You will learn from her experience growing businesses both online and offline

  • Once a month business coaching session with Em’s client & business expert, Becky, who will be helping you grow your business and shift your mindset

  • It’s access to your own business network, in a private group, where you can share your wins, brainstorm with other entrepreneurs, and create new connections

  • It’s guest experts, once a month, coming in to speak on their expertises and perspective, with topics like Human Design, Relationships, Manifestation, and more…

  • It’s a library FILLED with workshops, past guest experts, and so much more...



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  • Monthly Business & Energetic call with Em
  • Monthly Expert CEO Coaching Calls 
  • Monthly Guest Expert
  • Access to the Training Library
  • Private Facebook group

Drea Leonida Gideon

"Em is impeccable.. when I saw how flawless her incredible writing and non-invasive marketing techniques converted me to join Zero to CEO, it made me believe she could add tremendous value to my business, and she DELIVERED! I highly recommend working with her."

Krysta Leoness

"Loving Zero to CEO society! Such great topics every month & Em is very knowledgeable and supportive. As a solopreneur it is especially important to have outside perspective you can trust to provide feedback and help you scale; Em provides tremendous value every time."

I’m Em Ducharme, and if my name rings a bell... You might have seen me featured in medias like Forbes, Today’s Show, Entrepreneur or heard me on a podcast interview before. I’ve always had a passion for entrepreneurship, which is why I started my first company at 20 years old. After being successful in various fields and with multiple startups, I am now in the business of building digital entrepreneurs. I took everything I’ve learned in the past 10 years to help mission-driven business owners, like you, make the world a better place. There’s place for everyone at the top, and I want to teach you how to get there, with me. So we can share a margarita or a kombucha one day, and look back at our accomplishments with a heart filled with gratitude and satisfaction.

So, who else will you learn from in Zero to CEO Society?

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Getting Your Partner On Board With Your Business

Atena Sadegh

The Future-Self Hypnosis

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Raise Your Money Vibes

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Create Your Business With Your Human Design

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How to Sell in the DMs

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How to Add Up to $50,000 in Recurring Revenue While Working 5 Hours a Week


Spirituality in Business

Simon Kozlowski

ROCKSTAR Copy Method

Deasha Waddup

Making Sales within Your Facebook Group

Ary Michele

Financial Foundations
in Business

Guna Meldere

Moon Cycles and Business

Taryn Raine

Pinterest Strategy

Maggie Giele

Creating a Successful
Micro-launch and Selling it

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The Evolution of Your Brand

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Healing Money Wounds to Receive Big Wealth

Melissa Buffington

Psychic Development - Your Superpower in Business

Melissa Pothier

Personal Branding

Natasha Leya

7 Types Of Content To Sell Out  Without The Exhausting Launch

Desislava Dobreva

Reclaiming your power & building a stable business

Tahsha Renee

Women's Sacred Rage

Kristen Stuart

Divine Feminine Rising

June Chang

From Busy AF Entrepreneur to
Eazy Breezy CEO

Jaclyn Shaw

Mastering the Art of Detachment

Cathryn Mora

How to write a book to raise your profile & prices

Kate Decker

Cultivating + Following Your Intuition Unapologetically

Kylie Nel

Pushing Life to the Edge

Bonnie Fahy

Viral Reels: messaging secrets of my client who gained 75,000 followers in 13 weeks

Naomi Levine

The Energetics of Empowered Leadership

Khethiwe Rudd

Heal your inner child for more growth in your business

Stasja Petrova

Structuring your emails for most clicks.

April Dawn

On-Demand 100K Launches
The Strategy That Makes it All Possible

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The 4 Success Saboteurs blocking your 6 Figure Month

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Adding Value to Sessions for Client Retention and Results

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Express your talents better than ever

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Lifestyle Upgrades with your environment and style

Taru Tuomi

Manifest mindblowing success with the law of assumption

Laurie Burrows

How to generate and convert leads every day

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How To Use YouTube For Your Business

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Aligned Business with Human Design

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The Villain Blocks
The Glitch in YOUR Creative Process

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Slay your Launches and Make $$ using Chatbots!

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Heal The Witch Wound
Speak Your Truth

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Becoming An Icon

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How to build supportive relationships that help you THRIVE as your business expands!

Gemma Benad

Calm Cash: Inspand your Nervous System to Expand Your Business

Amy Jones

Accelerate Your Success with Leadership Harmony



**Cancel Anytime**

  • Monthly Business & Energetic call with Em
  • Monthly Expert CEO Coaching Calls 
  • Monthly Guest Expert
  • Access to the Training Library
  • Private Facebook group

Still have questions? 



**Cancel Anytime**

  • Monthly Business & Energetic call with Em
  • Monthly Expert CEO Coaching Calls 
  • Monthly Guest Expert
  • Access to the Training Library
  • Private Facebook group
  • Discounts on Em’s programs