How I Make Sure to Stay Connected to Myself During Busy Seasons

energetics personal spirituality Jan 04, 2024

As a Manifestor, I go through seasons of rest and seasons of creativity
As a human being, I go through seasons of death and seasons of rebirth
As a woman, I go through divine feminine seasons and seasons where my masculine leads
As a business owner, I go through seasons of softness and seasons of domination

It is important to remember that we are cyclical.
And to care for ourselves all time time, and a little extra when things are busy

Here is a few things I do, when I am in a DOMINATION ERA



Journal in the morning and in the evening 

My journaling practice consists of conscious flow, as well as some prompts I change every month, in relation to the focus of the month. I make sure that my morning journaling connects me to my vision, to my why. And that my evening journaling make me review the moves I’ve done during the day, acknowledge all of the precious moments, and set strong intentions for the next day

Turn off the masculine content after work

While I love podcasts, courses, and business books.. I am not looking to burn my brain out when I am in a busy season. I will indulge in my favourite shows (Married at first sight, and 90 days fiance lol), watch good movies, and read novels, so that I get to do something that requires zero thinking! 

Get SUPER organized 

With the level of responsibility I have from owning multiple businesses, managing employees, and mentoring entrepreneurs, it is paramount for me to be extremely organized. I plan out my day in detail, to make sure that I not only will have enough time to complete my tasks, and nothing will fall off my mind.. But also I organize the food I will eat, my rest time, so that I know I will be taking care of myself and not realize I did not have breakfast at 5pm ;) 


Eat alive foods

In order for me to have the brain clarity, energy, and capacity to do a lot, the quality of the food I ingest is a priority. I make sure to have a lot of healthy foods throughout the day, like lemon water, celery juice, and a multitude of raw fruits and vegetables. 

Get my full beauty sleep 

If I am known for something other than business, it would probably be for my love of sleep! But the truth is, I cannot function without proper sleep. My sleep schedule might appear boring to some, but to me.. It is key to my success. I love to go to bed early enough to sleep a full night, wake up rested, and early enough not to need an alarm in the morning. 

Have masculine workouts 

Every morning, before starting a busy day, I like to lift weights, which creates the right type of energy in my body in order to get sh*t done. When I am off work however, I will prefer yoga, pilates, and walks in order to remain in my feminine energy on that day!



Regulate my nervous system 

This is something I do both BEFORE and AFTER work. In general, it means doing yin yoga in the morning and in the evening, and really drop in my practice. When I do yoga, I do yoga and nothing else. I do not think about my to do list, my meetings, or what is coming next. I also like to incorporate sound baths, various types of breathwork, and kundalini work in my routine. 

Nothing blocks

When I block off time for work, I also take the time to block off time for ME. Time blocks with NOTHING and NO ONE in it so I can contemplate my own thoughts, channel, recharge, and let go of the pressure the day or week has brought. These are the moments I get to feel my emotions deeply, and truly connect to my highest self.

Weekly energy healing 

I believe having clean energy is one of the reasons that has made me successful, and I maintain a good energetic hygiene by doing everything above, plus booking sessions with my healers to do some work. We often prioritize our physical health, and our emotional health.. But we neglect our energetic health. Mine is a priority, and it shows in my performance.

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