Truths About Running a Business That No One Talks About

business scaling Aug 04, 2022

The life of an entrepreneur or a business owner is always depicted as luxurious, glamorous, and exquisitely comfortable. The media shows how amazing your life can be if you start your own business. Social media shows you the successful side of being an entrepreneur. But how many people are comfortable sharing the struggles of being a business owner?


Some people don't have enough courage to show the world that sometimes things don't go the way they're planned. But only sharing your achievements will create a wall between you and other people.


Importance of Talking About the Uncomfortable


Your entrepreneurial journey does not have to be rainbows and butterflies all of the time. Breakthroughs are sometimes born in unconventional ways. But that's the thing with being a business owner, it's because you think differently than you're able to create something that could change people's lives.


Talking about the uncomfortable truths of running a business helps you ground yourself as you build your business up. It also allows you to find the courage to break down the barrier that separates you from other people and possibly your dream clients.


Truths in Running a Business that No One Talks About


Here are some uncomfortable truths about running a business that more people should know about:


You need to learn how to manage your nervous system.


You might be thinking "What does that even mean?" but this truly is a must. Running a business is exhilarating, but it is also risky and terrifying. There will be a lot of times when you feel like your heart is going to explode from either fear or excitement or sometimes both.


Some people drop the ball and are scared to pick it up because they are overwhelmed by their emotions. Learning to manage your nervous system and understanding how to handle your emotions will make a big difference regardless if you are a long-time business owner or a new entrepreneur.


You will need to rewrite your money story.


What is a "money story"? It is your belief about money. A lot of people grew up feeling uncomfortable about the idea of money. Normally this discomfort comes from the idea that money is a source of stress. Some people even associate it with the idea of scarcity.


If you associate money with stress and scarcity instead of comfort and abundance, then you need to change your money story. Running a business and actually succeeding will not feel as fulfilling when you feel pressure from earning money. You need to heal your money anxieties by changing your view of it. 


Shortcuts are not always shortcuts.


You need to refrain from rushing outcomes. Yes, your life can change overnight but you should not actively find ways to get instant gratification. Taking shortcuts before you're ready can backfire. Imagine having a quantum leap before you learn the right flow for your business or the right team or the right mindset.


Build a strong foundation for your business first. Once your business has a solid footing, you can start listening to your intuition and follow what feels right. All these things take time and that's okay. 


It takes more work than you are led to believe.


Yes, most people understand that you need to work for success. But some people don't realize just how much work there is to be done when running a business. Why is that? Because a lot of successful business owners only post the fun parts on social media. You would see them on a trip overseas, but you don't see how they're still working in their hotel room or on the beach.


Some business owners even end up working for their business instead of making their business work for them because of everything that they need to do. Of course, this is not the way to live and there's always a way to live your best life while still running a successful business. But this goes to show how much work goes into being a business owner.


Listen to pieces of advice, but don't blindly follow them all.


There are two kinds of business owners: open-minded ones and ones that are close-minded.


Of course, open-minded people tend to take in every piece of advice that they hear while close-minded people don't even want to hear from other people. Now, both types need to bring it down a notch.


Being close-minded can also mean that you are stuck inside your own little box. It will prevent you from connecting with people and from growing your business. How can your business expand when you are possibly even disconnecting from your ideal clients because you don't want to accept anyone else's opinion. This does not mean that you need to conform and change into something that does not align with you-- but it would help if you ease up a bit.


Open-minded people are prone to taking every single piece of advice and running with it. However, you still need to be picky about which advice to follow. Keep in mind that you still know your business best. You need to check if the advice aligns with you and make sure that it won't actually set you back months.


It's okay to experience some lows.


Everyone should know that running a business will have highs and lows. And you should be okay with your lows. Some people feel ashamed of their struggles. Your feelings are valid, but you need to understand that your struggles don't define you. Your low-income months don't define your business. 


Remember that you've done something right in the past, that's why you were doing so well. Feeling ashamed of your struggles comes from money anxieties, it comes from the idea that money is scarce and the fear that you might not be able to earn that much again. Healing starts with changing how you feel about money. Believe that you will bounce back-- don't drop the ball or at least remember to pick it back up.


Key Takeaways


The path of entrepreneurship was never the path of convenience. It is the path taken by people who are different. Learning the uncomfortable truths about running a business should not encourage you, it should help you understand what you can do to be at your best. Make decisions that you won't regret. You don't have to be like everybody else.


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