Unveiling Strategies for Success and Alignment

business scaling energetics marketing strategy Jan 31, 2024

The Vision: Elevating Your Program

Hey there! 👋 Ready to dive into the world of product suites, pricing, and building the business of your dreams? Awesome! So, you've got this low-cost membership, and you're thinking, "Why not level it up to a mid-level all-in-one hub program?" I totally get it. Let's unravel the journey you're on and explore some cool strategies to make your business thrive.

The Hub Concept: Where Magic Happens

First off, kudos for envisioning a hub where everything magic happens – monthly coaching, a vibrant community, and the secret sauce to creating customized manifestation formulas. But, wait! You're contemplating a 12-month commitment ranging from $555 to $666 per month. Then there's your highest-level coaching at $1177 a month for seven months. Sounds like a plan, right? But, there's a twist - concerns about pricing being too close together and too accessible. Let's break it down.

The Dilemma: Limiting Belief or Strategy?

The elephant in the room – is it a limiting belief or a strategy question? Your worry is that this mid-level offer might be cheaper than what others are offering. Simultaneously, you're concerned it might be too pricey for your current audience accustomed to a $555/month program. The struggle is real. Let's tackle this.

Pricing and Accessibility: The Balancing Act

Your revelation hits the nail on the head – pricing and accessibility. The fear that making the jump from a $555/month program to a higher-tier offer might be too smooth, hindering scalability. You're onto something crucial here. Scaling is the key to growing your business, avoiding the trap of focusing too much on one-on-one engagements.

The Collective Challenge: Scaling Strategies

It's like you're saying, "Hold on a sec, I want to scale, but am I doing it right?" You've noticed a pattern in the coaching collective – a lack of setups for scalability. Building a business that's not scalable unless the revenue stops – that's the challenge.

Lifestyle Matters: Beyond Membership to Bundle

Now, let's talk lifestyle. This isn't just a membership – it's a bundle. A membership grants access, but this is a bundle, offering a complete package for a year. And, oh boy, the importance of using the right term hits the nail on the head.

The Energy Factor: A Year-Long Container?

But wait, there's more – the energy factor. A one-year container might not be your cup of tea. You need those rest periods, moments of relaxation, and a healthy dose of Love is Blind to recharge and come back with mind-blowing content. The struggles of holding that energy for a year – been there, done that. Your brand is magic, and magic needs its rest too!

Overcoming Limiting Beliefs: Flipping the Script

Now, let's tackle the big one – limiting beliefs. You're on point – it's about the evidence we collect. Maybe someone said it's too expensive, or a previous launch didn't work out. Time to flip the script. Who do you need to be, and what do you need to do to get your audience to that higher level? It's all about changing your approach and strategy to prove those limiting beliefs wrong.

High Ticket vs. Accessibility: Your Brand Vibe

High ticket or accessible pricing? The eternal dilemma. You've got a different vibe, and that's cool. You want accessibility, a broader impact rather than a select few paying big bucks. It's all about aligning with your energy, human design, and creating a brand that speaks to the right people.

The Chat: To Bundle or Not to Bundle?

And, the chat – to bundle or not to bundle? A mid-ticket idea to align with your manifestor energy – intriguing! A place for ideas and running old programs, but the membership model feels a bit shaky. Perhaps a shorter commitment or renewal might be the sweet spot.

In a Nutshell: Mastering Your Business Blueprint

In a nutshell, what's the lifestyle you're building? Revenue and impact can flourish in any business model – it's about what you want. Align everything – energy, strategy, and audience – and watch your business soar.

Cheers to mastering your business blueprint!


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