The Uplevel MasterClass

The Formula Me and My Clients Use EVERY Month to Uplevel!


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Gain Access to The Uplevel MasterClass Replay

Get Ready to Make Quantum Leaps in Your Business Through The Uplevel MasterClass
The Formula Me and My Clients Use EVERY Month to Uplevel!
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Stop planning the next 6 months based on the last 6 months
You’re planning to repeat the same outcomes instead of opening to have your mind blown in the best ways
It can always get better than we expect
But it won’t if we’re trying to predict based on the past

Gain access to the replay of the Uplevel MasterClass as well as the handbook where you will learn my replicable UPLEVEL day blueprint

Bonus- Join a guided hypnosis session with a special guest expert. Feel free to revert back to this whenever you need as well!

This is something I do EVERY single month, sometimes more than once! This is something my private clients also do monthly in order to uplevel at lightning speed

Remember, you will have LIFETIME access!

Jen G

Em is the bomb!! She truly knows marketing and scaling and has helped me tremendously in the 1st month of working with her!

From the speediness of her responses to the quality of her guidance, I can’t say enough. I’ve worked with high level coaches and spent a pretty penny, and I’ll be honest, Em is bringing more to the table in a shorter period of time!!!!

So, thank you Em for what you bring and your eagerness to see me succeed!

- Jen Gagnon

Jen G

Working with Em has been even more amazing than I imagined. I have invested in thousands of coachers, mentors, seminars, workshops, and masterminds (to name a few) and Em and her containers are just different than others.

When I came across DTSO and Em specifically, it stood out to me because she really focuses on combining energetics with successful business practices to help you scale in a feminine and flowy way. She successfully created an empowering space for entrepreneurs to step into their greatness without being bombarded with things we think we need to do to be successful. I was attracted to the fact that she shows you that scaling can be easy, feminine, and she is able to curtail her methods in a way that works for everyone differently.

If you're thinking about working with Em, take my word for it. She is a one-of-a-kind person and coach and you will not regret working with her. I have completely transformed and I know this is just the beginning for me. I cannot get enough of her energy and her containers!

- Courtney Meadows

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Hi, I'm Em! 

I'm a business strategist for influencers and experts looking to monetize and scale their audience through digital marketing and passive income. My work has been featured on major media outlets such as Today Show, Forbes and Entrepreneur. 

As a former corporate sales + business development consultant for Fortune 500 companies, major corporations, I helped to grow and scale businesses for the last ten years in various sectors-- hospitality, finances, entertainment, and e-learning.

I've raised millions of dollars in investor funds for the companies that I worked for and personally was able to scale my own companies past multi 6-7 figure mark in a record-breaking time.

Long story short: monetizing and scaling a business (especially if you have a solid audience base already) is EXACTLY in my realm. 

Em Headshot

The UpLevel Masterclass has Touched Many Lives...

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Disclaimer: As all Entrepreneurs understand, creating any products or services including a course does not guarantee any income. Work is required to create, build, launch and market your business and even hard work doesn’t guarantee earnings of anything.

As much as I believe and stand by my masterclass, The Uplevel MasterClass, I know that my results and the results of my clients are not guaranteed. I have news for you nothing in life is guaranteed. If you are looking for guaranteed income or a way to get rich quickly working with me, taking my courses, or attending my workshops isn’t for you.

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