Mindset Guide for Launches: Set Yourself Up for Success

business scaling launching Jun 03, 2022

Everyone has to work for perfection. No one starts out being the best at what they do whether it is in a hobby that you enjoy doing or in a business you are running-- it will take time before you get a hang of it. Business scaling experts can only guide you, but ultimately-- YOU are the one who's going to bring yourself to success.


Launches in Business

Launching your product gives you an opportunity to build anticipation, gather feedback, and create momentum for your offer.

Keep in mind that there is no cookie-cutter solution for launching something. Different people, companies, products, and industries will need a different approach. You need to make sure that your method aligns with you. Launching a product is exhausting and it can also be overwhelming as it is, the last thing you want to do is to follow a strategy that doesn't feel right to you.


Setting Yourself Up for a Successful Launch

First things first, you need to be excited about your product. You need to ask yourself if this is something you truly want to do. If you have launched anything in your business before, you know that launches can be emotional-- you at least want it to be emotional in a good way.

Here are some things that will help you get into the success mindset for your launch:


You need to come from a place of compassion.

You might be thinking, what does compassion or empathy have to do with a business launch? A lot, actually.

Your products are a big deal to you. They are your creation, you believe in them, and you believe that they can help people. But your product may not just be a big deal to you, investing in them can be a big leap to your target clients too.

The way you launch can change significantly when you know what it's like to invest in someone else's offer, when you understand what can make you feel on the fence about a product, and when you know what makes it feel like a huge decision. Knowing what it's like to be sold to and what it's like to buy will help you understand what your clients are feeling or thinking while trying to decide.

You will be able to create an approach that connects with your clients better when you come from a place of compassion and empathy.


You need to put your health first before anything else.

Launches require a lot of attention and can easily be draining in more ways than one-- even when you are enjoying it! You need to pace yourself during the launch period so that you don't end up draining all your energy or overworking.

You can maintain your energy and enthusiasm by making sure that you sit down and clear your calendar except for the things that you really want to do for the launch. Remove anything that does not feel aligned or anything that you are planning to do just for the sake of doing them.

On top of that, you need to make sure that you are getting enough rest, food, and exercise. You can't keep doing a launch if you are sick. PUT YOURSELF FIRST. 

Do what you must to stay in high spirits and have fun during the launch.


You need to prepare yourself for an emotional experience.

Launches can sound like a very corporate thing to do and normally you have to keep your emotions out of corporate processes. However, when you are running YOUR business, regardless of how much you conceal and try not to feel-- you can feel anxious about the launch and you can feel overwhelmed but you can also be too excited or too happy about it.

Launching can be an emotional rollercoaster and you need to be ready to ride it.

If you come into your launch unprepared for the surge of emotions, you might end up dropping the ball.

If you don't hit your goal right away, that's okay-- show up anyway. If you are overwhelmed by the support, then give back the positive energy that people are sending your way. No matter what kind of emotions you feel during the launch, there is always a way to make it a great experience for you.


You need to be energetically ready for your potential clients.

The energy you bring into your launch plays a very important role in your success because it will show in how you feel, how you act, and how you make the people around you feel.

If you are not happy about your product or if you are exhausted from something else, then you are going to bring that energy to the launch. This can energetically push potential clients away. People don't want to buy from this kind of energy.

If you are feeling scared or desperate, then you need to take a pause and do something about this. This is not the type of energy you want to bring in a launch, it will show up from your posts, and emails-- it will show up EVERYWHERE!

Take a pause and think about what can turn this around for you. Do you need to tweak your offer so that it will feel more aligned with you? Do you need to take a day off and pamper yourself so that you'd feel refreshed the next day? Whatever it is, do it. As mentioned before, you need to put yourself first. You can't do a successful launch when you don't have the energy of a successful person.

You need to make sure that you are energetically ready to hold space for your potential clients. You need to bring positive energy so that they will have the confidence to invest in you.



Some business scaling experts will only focus on the technical side of things. They will present you with the trends of the industry or a guide to what other people do for their launches. But there is more to a launch than just the steps in a guide.

Your mindset and energy will play important roles in your launch. Having the right mindset will set you up for success. The corporate way of doing things will tell you that the right mindset is to focus on growing your numbers but beg to differ and connect with your emotions too.


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