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Reasons to Consider Alternative Marketing Strategy for Your Business

marketing strategy Jun 08, 2022

Modern marketing has significantly changed over the years. Sticking to what you know may make sense to some, but not when it comes to your marketing strategies. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to play to your strengths, but the marketing landscape today is a lot different from how it was years ago. And these changes are not going to stop anytime soon.

The changes can be overwhelming especially when you are just getting a hang of social media. As you might have heard, social media is all the rage in the marketing community. However, is social media really enough?


Advantages of Social Media Marketing

Promoting your products and offers through your Facebook and Instagram accounts is not inherently a bad idea. You know your business best. You know your audience best. If Facebook and Instagram marketing feels aligned with your business, then keep doing it.

Here are some advantages of maintaining your social media strategies for your business:


You can reach a larger audience.

Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram give you access to THE WORLD. Anyone who finds your message compelling and anyone who resonates with what you do can choose to follow your profiles.

You get access to a wide range of demographic in terms of gender, age, and social status. Not only will you reach your target audience, but you can also attract people who need your services but are not aware that they exist.


You can engage with your audience directly.

Social media will allow you to interact with your audience. You get to build a connection with them. You get to ask them directly what they need and how you can help them.

This kind of connection will put you in a better position to create offers and strategies that do not only align with you but also aligns with your people. You will be able to deliver more relatable and valuable content for your existing and potential clients.


You get access to many opportunities for growth.

Creating a social media account on the most platform is free. You get to reach a limitless range of audiences for free. You can publish content and magnetize your dream clients for free.

Since you have access to what is practically free advertising, you can allocate more of your funds and invest in other aspects of your business.

You can invest in your learning.

You can invest in growing your business.

You can invest in improving your offers.

Social media marketing opens up many opportunities for your brand to grow and scale for little to no cost. You just need to know how to use it.


Disadvantages of Social Media Marketing

Although social media marketing comes with perks, it also comes with disadvantages, here are some to name a few:


You need to LOVE creating content.

For social media marketing to work, you need to keep your pages alive. If you love creating content, then this should not be an issue for you. However, if this is not something you are passionate about, then it will show in your posts.

Anything you do with love and passion will feel different from things you do just to get them done. If you bring this kind of energy to your social media content, then you might end up subconsciously pushing people away.

Social media marketing works for people, but you still need to ask yourself if it aligns with you. 


You need to be patient.

Success can come overnight, but it can also take its time. Social media marketing definitely takes time. You need to be patient since it can take its sweet time to manifest results for you.

Social media allows you to communicate with your audience almost instantly, but it might not manifest consistent results as quickly. 


You do not have full control over what happens to your content.

You can control what type of content you put out there, and with the right tools, you can even control who sees your content. However, that's about it. 

You don't own Facebook. You don't own Instagram. If something were to happen to these platforms or your profile, then you lose control over your content. You can lose all the content that you've been creating for years.


Finding What Feels Like YOU

Again, if social media marketing aligns with you-- if this is something you are passionate about, by all means-- keep doing it. After all, the most important thing is that find the strategy that feels like YOU and your brand. You want to keep things fresh and exciting.

However, it's also a good idea to look for alternative ways to promote your business. There are other ways to make an impact in the modern world.


Reasons to Consider Alternative Marketing Strategies

Here are some reasons why you should start testing alternative marketing strategies: 


You want to prepare for the worst-case scenario.

What if one day, you wake up and Facebook is gone? Or what if your Instagram account gets locked or deleted out of the blue? Having alternative marketing strategies will allow you to continue post content and connect with your audience in these scenarios.

Of course, losing your social media account (or the whole platform altogether) would still be devastating. But at least you have alternative methods to fall back on. 


You have more control over your content.

Alternative marketing methods include sending marketing emails or driving traffic to your website. These platforms give you more control over your content. Nobody can tell you what to do or how to do it because it is YOUR website and your email to send.

These alternative marketing methods are already part of the standard ways to market. If you're skipping on these methods because of social media, then you may want to start using them as well.


You can create genuine interactions.

People will gravitate towards brands and experts that feel real to them. You can create genuine interactions that will recapture genuine engagement with your audience through alternative approaches. Your alternative marketing strategy can be as flexible as you want it to be as long as you keep your goal in mind. 

If your goal is to connect with people and transform their lives, then keep this in your heart and in your mind as your work on your strategy.


Key Takeaway

The world is constantly changing and the marketing landscape is changing along with it. Do not resist the change, but feel the energy and see where it takes you. But also be prepared. Some changes can hurt, but they are necessary for you to unveil your true potential.

If social media marketing has been working well for you and it is something that you enjoy-- then keep doing it! But remember that you always need to grow. Invest in yourself. Learn new methods. The more you grow, your business will follow, and your clients will too. 


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