Building a Membership: Community, Support, and Flexibility

business scaling marketing strategy Apr 27, 2023

Building a community or membership portal can help you interact with your audience and open a stream of recurring income that grows year by year.


If you have a product that can be supplied monthly, for example, a fitness program, a singing course, or just about anything that people can learn over a period of time, then you can do a successful business out of it.


Different Types of Memberships

You need to understand what type of membership you are trying to build so that you can determine what you need for it to be successful. Here are the different types of memberships:

  • Course and Continuation Membership - Usually a self-study course that offers support for a certain amount of time. 
  • Content Memberships - This gives your members access to the library of past trainings or programs.
  • Community Membership - As the name suggests, this type of membership includes a community.
  • Service-based Membership - It's a membership where you give your clients access to certain services. (For instance, graphic design, content, or coaching)
  • Group coaching Membership - This membership involves conducting group calls. You get to decide what schedule and topics feel right for your clients.


Tools to Use for Community, Support, and Flexibility

Once you have determined what type of membership you want to build, you can now decide what tools you need to create a safe community that offers support and flexibility to your clients.


Here are the tools that Team Em recommends:


At this point, everyone knows about Zoom. It's a video conferencing tool that you can use for 1:1 calls, webinars, and more. It's a great tool to use if you want to offer a workshop or a coaching session to your membership clients. 

Adding calls to your membership will help you build a bond with your members. Of course, it is not a requirement if you are not called to do live workshops.

Pro Tip: You can actually use it as a recording tool for modules in your courses as well. You can learn other interesting tips in Em's Building Memberships Course.



If you're planning to offer a consistent stream of live workshops or group coaching sessions for your members, AddEvent is a good tool to have in your process. AddEvents allows you to create a calendar for each program to which your members can subscribe. You can simply add the scheduled calls or workshops on AddEvent and it will automatically update everyone's calendar as well.


Facebook Groups

Almost everyone is on Facebook nowadays, so using Facebook Group for your membership gives your members easy access to your community. It's a great place to share wins, ask questions, and more!



Voxer is a popular messaging app for coaches. It's a great way to communicate with your clients and team members. What sets Voxer apart from other messaging app? It's a great audio messaging app for when your breakthrough or advice simply can't be contained in text form.

Also, Voxer helps you set boundaries. It allows you to engage on your time.



Kajabi is a versatile platform that you can use for a number of things. You can use it to create, market, and sell digital content. If your membership comes with a course or other types of digital content-- this tool is definitely something you'd want to have. You can also use it for email marketing, creating landing pages, websites, and more!


If you're interested in giving it a try, here's a 30-day FREE trial as our gift to you.



Regardless if you are a new digital entrepreneur or a veteran who's looking to create consistent additional income-- building a membership is an interesting thing to offer your audience. 

Being able to create a paid community that shares the same value as you will help you be in the energy of people that aligns with your mission. Everybody wins with a membership!

Now that you know some tools that will help you create a community, and offer support and flexibility... All you need to do is to take action. If you think you need more help, check out Building Memberships.

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