Claiming Your Place at the Top

business scaling personal Jan 08, 2023

Claiming your place at the top starts by knowing deep within you that you deserve it. You have the ability to think about a possibility and turn it into a reality. You don't need to understand the HOWs of it all right away, but if it aligns with you-- then your intuition will guide you to it.


You have the gift to will your desires into reality, claiming your place at the top is all about positively using your unique gift. Take one step at a time towards the vision of where you want to be. That is the starting point of your climb to success.


Ways to Get Into the Success Mindset


Claiming your place at the top is easier when you have fully accepted within yourself that you are meant to be at the top. So how can you remove your limiting beliefs and get into that mindset?


Work on Your Limiting Beliefs.


The first step in resolving any issues is acknowledging that they are there. Before you can believe that you are meant to be on top, before you can clearly see your vision and align with it-- you need to identify the limiting beliefs that are stopping you from realizing your full potential.


Keep in mind that there is no shame in having limiting beliefs. You just need to acknowledge that they are there and work on healing what caused them so that you can be free.


Expect Your Win


First of all, you need to set your vision. What is the goal? What does being at the top look like to you? Once you have that all figured out, wrap that vision with a belief system that will help encourage you to fulfill the vision.


The journey can be unpredictable, but expecting your win at the end of the day can make a big difference. Every day is a new opportunity to change your circumstances-- it is up to you to take a step towards your personal greatness, and the courage to take that step will come from expecting that you will win.


See ALL the Opportunities


It is easy to fixate on one thing at a time. For instance, if you are a business coach-- when launching a new program, it's easy to focus on the numbers for that particular new program only. Mentally, emotionally, and energetically-- this type of mindset closes you off from other opportunities.


What if some people want to get on board one of your evergreens? Or what if they are ready for a one-on-one coaching contract with you?


It is possible to energetically repulse or reject opportunities. So, make sure that you always start every day with an open mind.




In the spirit of seeing all the opportunities, feel free to ASK. You never know what's possible until you try. Not all opportunities will knock on your door, some opportunities need YOU to knock on theirs.


If you never ask, how are you sure you can't receive something? So go ahead and message someone you idolize for a collaboration. Go ahead and ask about your dream house. Go ask.


Feel Good About What You Do


Before you get to the point where you effortlessly succeed and get everything that you desire, you need to do the work-- and you need to like it.


It is a fact that it takes extra effort to get things done when they don't feel good to you. If you keep on doing something you don't like and you're hoping that it will be your ticket to the top-- then your journey is going to be an uphill climb. There's also a big chance that you won't enjoy the success that way.


So, if a product doesn't feel good or if a course, you're offering doesn't feel aligned-- either do something that will change how you feel about it or drop it altogether. Match your energy and ideas to your vision of success.


Stop Trying to Please Everyone.


Pleasing everyone is simply not possible. Someone is always going to be upset about something every time. Don't lose yourself trying to make everyone happy.


Adjusting to everyone who disagrees with you will make you question your ideas and derail you from the path to the top. You need to feel confident about your ideas and decisions. You need to be sure about yourself every time, but of course, always leave some space for growth.


Be Mindful of Your Environment


The place you are in, and the people around you affect your energy. Protect your energy from anything and anyone that can drain you. Do your friendships still align with who you are? Are you in an environment that will allow you to climb your way to the top?


You need to be strong enough to move away from anything or anyone that is holding you back. 


Key Takeaway


You have a place at the top and it's up to you when you want to claim it. Good things come to those who wait, but you need to do more than just wait if you want to be somewhere great.


Work on your limiting beliefs so that you can set a belief system around your vision of the top. Remember that healing from the things that limit you takes time and it is an ongoing process-- be patient and give yourself grace. Expect your win and see an opportunity everywhere. Be confident enough to ask so that you can receive. Remember that you can't please everyone so you might as well enjoy what you do.


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