Embracing Your Inner Beauty and Brains

energetics personal Jul 01, 2022

Media plays a big part in our lives-- sometimes, more than we know. Trying to live up to edited images on magazines and social media can affect not only our physical health but also our mental and emotional health. Society has long set an unrealistic beauty standard that has damaged a lot of people's confidence and self-esteem.


However, we need to keep in mind that there's more than just looking good. We also need to feel good-- we need to feel comfortable being just ourselves. Beauty is more than just being physically breathtaking, it is also being able to tap into our inner beauty and share it with the world.


Do not try and keep up with the standard of society. You can be better. Find your own beauty and walk with confidence. Walk like you own the room.


How to Find Your Inner Beauty


Before we can tap into our inner beauty, we need to understand it first. We've heard the phrase “It’s what’s on the inside that counts” countless times and there's a good reason for that. Inner beauty is something that is not visible in a person's physical appearance. It might be harder to find within ourselves than with other people. Especially when we let the tendency to be harder on ourselves get the best of us.


Get to Know Ourselves


How well do we know ourselves anyway? It is completely possible to feel like a stranger in the body, personality, and behavior we've always had. Yes, we can be a stranger to ourselves. This feeling could be caused by years of trying to hide--- years of trying to dim our light. 


How can we appreciate our inner beauty if we don't know ourselves to start with?


We need to find out our strengths, weaknesses, likes, dislikes, and more. We need to ask ourselves: what is important to us? What do we value? What are the things that we want to embody?


Once you know yourself as you should, you can finally start embracing every bit of yourself and in time-- you will get to know your inner beauty as well.


Embrace Authenticity


If we live our life by other people's expectations and standards, then we may be depriving ourselves of a chance to live a satisfying life. Our inner beauty will naturally manifest in our appearance, personality, and behavior when we are in a safe environment. 


We need to be somewhere we feel safe to be ourselves. Embracing authenticity will help draw out the beauty that has always been within us.


Appreciate, Appreciate, Appreciate


It is easy to compare ourselves with other people, but comparing being easy does not mean we should do it all the time. Comparing can be damaging to our self-esteem.


We need to appreciate others without comparing ourselves in a bad way. We can draw inspiration from other people. We can see the wonderful traits that they have that we, too, want to embody. But we need to remind ourselves that we, too, are beautiful. We, too, can be inspiring.


Some people consider loving themselves as something vain, but why should it be considered vain? We got this far in life because of this body, this soul, this brain... We should give credit where it is due and love ourselves as we love others.


If the idea of praising ourselves is difficult at times, we can try thinking of the things that someone who deeply cares about us would say about our strengths. Or simply list down the things that we find positive in ourselves.


Own the Room


Everyone needs a little confidence boost every once in a while. We need to walk as if we own the room. This amount of confidence might feel overwhelming at first, but if our confidence comes from a place of love-- it should make other people safe around us as well. It will make them feel that it is safe to be themselves around us.


Confidence does not only change the way we feel, it also manifests in our physical appearance. If we have an immense amount of self-esteem, it adds an energetic glow to our beauty-- it shows the beauty that we have been hiding from within us.


When we feel better about ourselves, we will do better in everything else in our life-- our work, social interactions, and more. Confidence will boost our mental and physical health and will positively affect our relationships as well. So let's not be afraid to own the room.


At the End of the Day


We just need to be good to ourselves and to others. Let's make it a habit to show acts of kindness in our own ways. Let's help other people feel good about themselves, and it can also improve us as individuals. Let's work on appreciating ourselves as we appreciate other people as well. After all, what's the point of being beautiful outside if the image is tainted by a less than magnificent personality? Now go be the beauty and brains that you are meant to be.


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