How to Create Sales Funnels that Feel Aligned

business scaling Jul 14, 2022

Everyone has masculine and feminine energies within them. The masculine energy is all about logic, organization, and protection while the feminine energy is all about feeling, nurturing, and creating. Now how does that relate to sales funnels?


Energetics and Sales Funnels


Sales funnels are masculine in nature since it is a system or a process that you will create to help your potential clients decide to become paying clients. Creating a sales funnel that will define the action your business needs to take to push your leads to become a client takes a well-executed plan. So where does the feminine energy come in?


Sales funnels are freedom creators. Aside from freeing some time to be able to scale your business, sales funnels allow you to spend time creating new products that speak to you and nurture the current list of clients that already adores you. But what else is there? 


Being in your feminine energy means that you don't follow the logic of the mind but listen to the voice of your heart. It means you're not in the coaching business just for the numbers and the revenue. 


You are in this industry because you want to build meaningful connections with your dream clients. You are a business coach because you love what you are doing. And you are doing what you do because it feels right to you. You want to live the life you desire and help people do the same. 


Sales funnels can help you reach more people than when you are doing everything on your own. It helps you do the things that you love and live the life that you want. 


Simply put, being in your feminine energy will help you create a sales funnel that feels right to you. Sales funnels can sound overwhelming at first, but it does not have to be complicated.


Things You Need to Consider to Create Sales Funnels that Align


Your sales funnel should help people realize that they need you in their life, but it should not be too in-your-face.


Sales funnels start with generating awareness about you, your offer, and the problem you solve, then it will attract people who are interested in the solution you offer. After that, your sales funnel will guide your potential client into taking action and buying your offer.


But, how can you create a sales funnel that does not only aligns with your business but also aligns with you?


Here are some things you need to consider to be able to create funnels that align:


What problem are you trying to solve?


Clients stay when they feel valued. So you need to find the core of your offers. What are you trying to solve?


It is completely valid to know that your product is amazing and it is absolutely valid to think that you deserve to earn good money from something that you created that you believe in. However, you need to ask yourself if the idea of making lots of sales is fulfilling enough for you.


For sure, you'd feel 10x the happiness when you see that your clients are doing great because of your programs. The idea that your offer changed someone's life for the better will feel incredible. You need to convey that message through your sales funnel.


What's the best way to sell your offer?


You know your products best. You know them by heart so you would know what's the best way to sell them. But that's not the only thing that matters, you should also know which way you enjoy the most.


For instance, some people enjoy managing their social media accounts, while some people swear by their landing pages. You can even do a combination of both. A sales funnel will bring potential clients in, but you need to know where you want to put it. Sales funnels will always lead to a pitch and you'd give off the best energy when you are doing it the way you enjoy best.


Where can you get your ideal clients?


You can effortlessly put your best foot forward when you are in an environment where you feel safe to be yourself. Some people think about building their sales funnel around the idea that they need to find new traffic for it. But that does not have to be the case at all.


If you have a website or a following on your social media accounts, then you already have existing traffic! First, you need to appreciate the people who want to be in your presence but are not quite ready to work with you yet before you expand to a completely new set of audiences.


One of the best things about working on a sales funnel for people who are already following you is that they are already aware of you and your offers. They have observed you being unapologetically you on your pages and they follow you because they like you for being you. All you need to do now is to give them a reason to officially be part of your world.


At the End of the Day...


You know your products best. You know your target audience best. And lastly, you know yourself best.


Creating a sales funnel can be more than just about earning more. It can be about creating fulfilling connections with your dream clients and it can be about living the life that you want.


If done right, you can build meaningful connections with your ideal clients with the help of a sales funnel. You can use your experiences to relate to them and help them overcome their challenges. And you can earn more and grow your business doing the things you love. 


Creating sales funnels doesn't have to be complicated. But it's okay to feel overwhelmed by something that you are not completely familiar with. The Coach Funnel can help you understand how to sell on autopilot whether you are new to creating funnels or you have an idea of how but are just a little lost in your direction.

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