How to Nurture Healthy Relationships

personal spirituality Jun 15, 2022

True strength does not mean you need to be on your own all of the time. It does not mean that you should carry the whole world on your shoulders. There is strength in admitting that you need someone by your side.

Nurturing your relationships is important in more ways than one. It is not simply about having someone around. It is about growing and learning with the people you care about. Building strong connections helps us get to know ourselves better. It helps us navigate problems in a healthy way and overcome challenges with the people we have in our lives.


It's Not Just Romantic

Most people immediately think "romantic" when we say "relationships", but there are many relationships that you can and will build throughout your life.

Having a healthy romantic relationship is indeed important, but you should also try and nurture your relationship with your family, friends, co-workers, clients, neighbors--- and pretty much with anyone you interact with in your everyday life.


Nurturing Your Relationship with Yourself

Before you can give love to other people, you need to love yourself too. Although you can care for other people without fully accepting yourself-- keep in mind that this can burn you out. You can't keep pouring water on other people's cups when your own cup is empty. This can lead to resentment especially when other people cannot reciprocate your efforts.

You need to love and respect yourself enough to know what type of people you need in your life. You need to know your value so that you don't stay in relationships with people who prevent you from growing and unlocking your full potential.

There is beauty not only on your outside, there is so much beauty within you too. You need to be in an environment where you feel safe to discover a good sense of personal identity-- this includes yourself and your mindset.

You can nurture your relationships in a healthy and balanced way when you are confident about yourself and when you know your worth.

Society has its definition of a "good" relationship, but keep in mind that you need to do what feels right for you.


Choosing the Right Relationships

Nurturing your relationship with other people is important. As the old saying goes, no man is an island. No matter how strong, smart, or amazing you are-- you need healthy relationships in your life.

But that's the keyword there-- "healthy". Although maintaining relationships is important, you need to choose the relationships to nurture.

You need to acknowledge what you feel. You need to consider your values and principles. Some of the things you need to look out for in a relationship that feels aligned includes:


  • compatibility
  • communication
  • honesty
  • accountability
  • boundaries (both emotional and physical)
  • trust


If your relationship with someone lacks compatibility, communication, honesty, accountability, boundaries, or trust-- then you need to reevaluate this connection.

Of course, cutting people out should not be your first option. First, you need to identify the problem and find a solution for it. You need to communicate the issue with the person so they can give you their insight. You need to ask: Can you still improve the relationship? Can they still energetically match you? Are you still a match at all?

These questions apply not only in your personal life but also in a professional setting or when running a business. Working feels so much lighter when you are in a great relationship with your clients. It can improve your productivity. On top of that, deeply connected relationships help cultivate trust and respect.


Ways to Nurture a Healthy Relationship with the People Around You

From friends and family to workmates and clients-- you need to build a strong foundation when it comes to ANY relationship that you want to last.

Here are some things that you can do to maintain the relationships that you feel are well worth preserving:

Make time for people. 

You need to show up for the people you care about. Of course, you need to consider if you can handle it. It would mean the world for some people to see that they have you on their corner. So make time for them. Show up. Make them see that they are a priority.


Deal with the problem, don't attack the person.

There will always be some challenges in ANY relationship. There's bound to be one or two miscommunications in this lifetime. Keep in mind that if there is any disagreement, do not attack the person. Do not throw hate at the person.

You don't want to go around throwing negativity into the world. Take a breather. Find it in your heart to stay calm so that you can see the problem clearly. You need to deal with the problem instead of playing the blame game.


Always be appreciative.

It is hard to be positive all of the time, but if you are appreciative of the things that you do have-- it is easy to be grateful for the people you have in your life. 


Do not jump to conclusions.

You need to manage your nervous system when you feel like you want to jump to conclusions. Jumping to conclusions is a response to extreme emotions. This habit can harm your relationship with other people. 

Look at the big picture and let go of your judgments. Be open to learning and working on getting informed.


Never overpromise.

Overpromising can hurt your relationships in more ways than you can imagine. Your words are sacred. Your words are currency. Don't promise anything that you cannot deliver, because it will make them doubt you. It will diminish the value of your words to people.


Be honest.

Any good relationship has honesty as one of its core. Develop a good communication process where everyone feels safe, to be honest. However, don't mistake being honest for being destructive with your words. 



You need to both give and take in a relationship. It will not always be a 50-50 kind of setup, but make sure that you show up with your best.

Keep in mind that you need to nurture your relationship with yourself too. Don't forget that you are the one who's been with you the longest. Never abandon yourself.

Once you have accepted the beauty within you, nurturing your relationship with others will be a piece of cake. You will be able to see the good in them too.


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