Make Life Upgrades: Money Loves Purpose

Make Life Upgrades: Money Loves Purpose

personal Aug 17, 2022

One of the first things you need to do to upgrade your way of life is to own your power. It means not depending on other people or certain circumstances to be happy.


If you say "I will be happy once I achieve this or that", then your power is circumstantial and your happiness will always need to come from external factors. You are allowed to be happy because of the things going on about you, but you also need to learn that you can simply be happy by your own design.


There's a saying that "money can't buy happiness", but you have to consider that it allows you to bring more comfort to your life. And when you're comfortable, it is easier to be happy. Money is certainly NOT everything, but it can change everything for you.


Money Loves Purpose So Give it One (or More)


Money isn't everything, but it does help make happy changes in your life. That said, you need to keep in mind that simply having money will not make you feel fulfilled. And simply having money will not help you manifest more.


Money is important, but it's only one element of being truly wealthy. Upgrading your relationship with money will upgrade your financials, your personal life, and even the social aspect of your life. So what does it mean to give your money a purpose?


Money loves purpose and it will not come to you for no reason at all. You can work hard every day and make endless business decisions to earn more money, but it will not lead you to quantum leaps-- it will not lead you to upgrades. Living by the logic of cold hard numbers may keep your business running, but it will not upgrade your life.


You need to ask yourself why you need more money. If you are living the same life and making the same decisions, why do you need to make more money than before? And how do you expect to receive abundance while not consciously making upgrades in your life?


Discovering the Purpose for Your Money


First things first, you need to remind yourself of your power. You have full control of your life. Money should not control you, it should follow you--- and it would once you know its purpose in your life.


The purpose is something much more important than the money itself. You need to discover what money actually means to you. How do you do that? You figure out what are the things that are most important to you THEN imagine how money can improve that for you.


For example, you value health and fitness but just eat one burger the whole day to follow a calorie deficit diet while doing home exercise to "keep your shape". Not only are you letting yourself be a slave to the numbers on the scale, but you are possibly doing more harm to your body on top of not enjoying the process at all. 


Now, how can money improve this experience for you and upgrade your life? You can start investing in good healthy food, a gym membership, or even a personal trainer if you're more comfortable doing your exercises at home. Making these decisions to upgrade how to handle your health and fitness gives your money a purpose. Now that it has somewhere to go, you get to manifest more.


The same thing goes for businesses. You can't expect growth by doing the same things. If you are planning to expand your business, offer more services, or reach more clients-- then you will need to invest in a bigger team or maybe better tools.


If you want to take care of yourself more, do it. You deserve five-star experiences. If you want to take care of your family, do it. Not only will you feel good about being there for your family, but you also get to upgrade your life and theirs.


You can't expect money to come your way if it has nowhere to go, money loves purpose. Give it one and abundance will pour.


Knowing that You Found Your Money's Purpose


There could be more than one purpose for your money. If you can desire it, then surely it is available for you to take. It's okay to aim high, you deserve a too-good-to-be-true experience.


So how do you know you've found THE purpose for your money? It is easy to say that "from now on my money's purpose is to upgrade my wardrobe", but are you satisfied? You have to reach deep within you and listen to your heart. Your intuition knows where you want to go before your mind can make sense of it.


If you are suffering over money or if you can't help but be anxious and stressed about it-- then it means that your choices and purpose do not align with your values yet.


Once your decisions with your money align with your true values, then you will experience a deep sense of satisfaction and contentment-- and maybe more.


So... Start Using Money with Purpose


Figuring out the true purpose for money will not only help you upgrade your life, but it can also help you find true satisfaction and lasting happiness. 


First, you need to remind yourself of your power. Remind yourself that money does not control you. It is not supposed to bring you stress and pressure, instead, it should help you improve the way you are living.


Once you've established your relationship with your money, you need to define your most important values and goals. This will help you set a purpose for your money that aligns with you. 


Upgrade your life and start using your money with purpose.


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