Upgrading Your Perspective for an Upgraded Life

energetics personal Aug 10, 2022

The way you see your life and everything in it means everything when it comes to upgrading your life. Sometimes, the mind can be overprotective in a destructive way which can prevent you from living the life you desire. 


You need to remember that it is still up to you whether you want your life to progress or stagnate. It is up to you if you want to live life with ease or with struggles. It all begins with your perspective.


Living with Intentionality


There are many ways to upgrade your life, but you need to be ready for them. Opportunity can knock and you'd let it get away when you're not in the headspace or the energy to accept.


You need to live with the intention to upgrade. Allocate a space in your mind to consistently choose to upgrade your life.


You need to choose the kind of information, emotions, and connections that you accept into your life. And you need to make sure that they align with your goal to upgrade.


There are times when you feel like you need to cling to things that don't align because of how you perceive your life and yourself. If your perspective is skewed by worries and fears, then it could influence your behavior and affect your lifestyle.


How to Upgrade Your Perspective to Upgrade Your Life


If you're ready to upgrade your life, then you need to convince your mind that you are ready. So where do you start?


Remove the mental block.


Some people live with mental blocks that prevent them from realizing their full potential. That means that you might be passing up the opportunity to grow your business, connect with incredible people, live a life of abundance, and MORE. 


Your mind can be overprotective of you and sometimes not in the best way. It can shoot down any ideas outside the box because of the fear of making mistakes. It can fill you with doubt about starting new relationships because of the fear of getting hurt. It can fill you with anxieties about wanting to try something new for your business because of the fear of failing.


Fear is a powerful mental block, and you need to stop feeding it. A change in perspective can help you see mistakes and failures as opportunities to learn. Mental blocks are coping mechanisms that aim to protect you, but instead-- it limits you. So make a conscious decision to be brave every day.


Change the way you talk to yourself.


People tend to be much kinder to other people than themselves. You deserve to receive the kindness that you are giving to others.


The first step to changing the way you talk to yourself is to accept that you are your worst critic. You need to review the standards that you've set for yourself and see if they still align with the life you want. Check if they are fair to you. You can hold yourself to the highest of standards and still be kind-- you don't have to be harsh to yourself to succeed or to have a better life.


You need to be an ally to yourself. Instead of mentally scolding yourself for the things you can't do yet, be gentler and be proud of yourself for doing your best today. Instead of thinking that you're not good enough, tell yourself that you deserve more, and you can have it all when the time is right. 


Once you start seeing yourself as someone worthy, then you start seeing the world in a different light. You can walk with confidence and make decisions to upgrade your life.


Create a safe environment.


You need to be in a safe space to become the best version of yourself. You should be surrounded by people who support the life that you are trying to manifest.


Even if you remove your mental block or change the way you talk to yourself, old habits will easily creep back if you are surrounded by people that do not align with the upgrade you are trying to make in your life.


You will struggle to upgrade your perspective if your environment does not allow you to change. It will be challenging to be in the energy to accept incredible changes in your life if your environment does not make you feel safe to do so. 


The people and things you surround yourself with can influence the way you see yourself and your life. So if you want to upgrade your perspective and your life, you also need to upgrade your connections. 


Develop new good habits.


You probably already have some good habits, but if you're upgrading your life then you'd need to have new ones. Since it is important to live with intentionality-- you need to develop good habits to support the upgrade that you want in your life.


Developing good habits will help you rewrite the way you think which helps you shift your perspective to another level. They will help you reinvent yourself.


If you want to upgrade your perspective for good, then you need to consistently develop good habits instead of investing time in temporary changes.


The Key Takeaway


Upgrading your perspective involves a reset in your thought process. Upgrading how you see things will help you realign with the life that you want.

Once you remove your mental blocks, change the way you talk to yourself, create a safe environment, and develop good habits-- then you're well on your way to a better life-- when your perspective changes, your life changes too.


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